Press Releases and News

Continued success for Suga-Lumps at Asda

Great news! Suga-Lumps our kooky love and friendship brand is flying in Asda on Greetings Cards! Looks like all the social media activity is paying off! Nearly 21k Facebook fans and counting!
26th January 2012

Over 20,000 fans for our Suga-Lumps Facebook fan page

Over 20,000 fans on our Suga-Lumps Facebook fan page this week - target of 25k by christmas looks possible.
25th November 2011

Facebook page drives Suga-Lumps brand recognition

Heading towards 13,000 Facebook fans with Suga-Lumps page. The Facebook page is really driving brand recognition which in turn is driving sales in Asda on Greetings Cards - interesting as it's the first time we've used social media in this way.
9th October 2011

12,000 Facebook fans and counting for Suga-Lumps

12,000 Facebook fans and counting on our kooky love and friendship brand Suga-Lumps a remarkable achievement - thanks to Anna @ the engaging brand.
30th September 2011

Facebook fans for Suga-Lumps top 10,000!

We now have over 10,000 fans of our kooky friendship brand Suga-Lumps on Facebook and are really starting to see the benefits in greetings card sales - now number 1 and 3 in the top ten of everyday cards in a major Supermarket. A really interesting brand building exercise using social media - combining daily tweets with Facebook postings which has resulted in 10 thousand people getting a Suga-Lump on their Facebook wall every day! That's 10 thousand brand evangelists - A huge thank you to the brain power of Anna Farmery over at for partnering with me on this.

16th September 2011

Scoop designs to launch Suga-Lumps range of confectionery

Scoop Designs will be launching the Suga-Lumps range of confectionery at the IAF in Birmingham from Sunday - very exciting.
2nd September 2011

US book launch for Suga-Lumps through Amazon

We now have over 5,000 facebook fans for our kooky friendship brand Suga-Lumps an amazing achievement and a major part of our brand building exercise going well ahead of our books launching in the US through Amazon on September 12th. Hat tip to Anna Farmery and her amazing Soial Media savvy.
31st August 2011

Suga-Lumps sees 40% increase in Facebook fans!

Since our social media drive we have seen a 40% increase in facebook fans for our Kooky brand Suga-Lumps. Next stop 4,000.
24th August 2011

Latest Suga-Lumps updates

Fantastic performance from our Suga-Lumps cards in Asda.

New deal signed with Scoop designs for confectionery.

Amazing figures for Facebook fans for our brand Suga-Lumps, now over 2,000 Facebook fans and growing fast. See what all the fuss is about by clicking the link.
18th August 2011

Now over 1,500 Facebook fans for Suga-Lumps

Remarkable numbers of new Suga-Lumps Facebook fans - now past 1500. Great conversations happening too. I never thought giving away free content could be so much fun whilst creating an army of brand champions in the process - here's to 2,000 by the end of August! Check out the link to see what all the fuss is about...
7th August 2011