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Latest update on social media activity for Suga-Lumps

Update on social media activity for our Kooky friendship brand Suga-Lumps - we have an amazing 1122 facebook fans and 6400 followers on twitter. Since 1st January 158,205 people have shared a free Suga-Lump to make someone's life a little sweeter - A big Suga-Lump hug to all the team. To get your daily Suga-Lump go to the facebook page or the twitter page.
25th July 2011

Suga-Lumps smashes 1,000 likes on Facebook

We smash the 1,000 likes barrier this weekend - Wow, 1022 facebook likes for our Love and Friensdship brand Suga-Lumps
18th July 2011

Facebook likes reach 1,000 for Suga-Lumps

Nearly there in an incredibly short time. 1,000 genuine, heartfelt facebook likes for our Suga-Lumps brand. 1,000 brand evangelists.
7th July 2011

Next 4 Suga-Lumps books launched from Random House

Only 2 days to go before the launch of our next 4 Suga-Lumps books from Random House.
5th July 2011

Suga-Lumps fan page has close to 1,000 fans

Our facebook fan page for suga-Lumps is getting closer to the magic 1,000 fans. Join our growing number of facebook fans and help us reach 1,000 by the end of the day.
1st July 2011

Join the Suga-Lumps facebook fan page

Join our facebook fan page for our Kooky brand Suga-Lumps and join in the converations on Love, Friendship, Happiness and who has got the nicest legs in world tennis?

29th June 2011

Suga-Lumps cards now available at Asda stores!

Proud to announce we now have our Suga-Lumps brand in store at Asda on Greetings Cards.
23rd June 2011

6,642 followers on Twitter for Suga-Lumps

6,642 followers on Twitter for our Suga-Lumps brand and growing. Well done to Anna Farmery who has guided The Backland Studio through the social media maze and out the other side with a big thumbs up.
18th June 2011

Suga-lumps greeting cards coming to Asda

The first samples of the new fab Suga-Lumps greetings cards that are going into Asda arrived from International Greetings today. They look fantastic and are a great addition to the growing product list available at retail.
10th June 2011

Give a Suga-Lumps giftbook for Father's Day

Look out for the You're A Great Dad Because... book available from Random house.

10th June 2011