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Suga-Lumps a popular gift for Father's Day

Lots of lovely mentions for our sweet Suga-Lumps brand especially in the run up to Father's Day and for our books published by Random House.
6th June 2011

A slogan for Father's Day!

Suga-Lumps instead of socks now there's a slogan for Father's Day! Read more here
25th May 2011

Suga-Lumps book gets second reprint

Our Suga-Lumps gift book 'You're a Lovely Mum Because' is now on it's second re-print in the last six months, seems to have resonated with everyone...
20th May 2011

New Suga-Lumps books coming soon

Only one month to the publication by Random House of the next 4 Suga-Lumps books. Working on some fantastic Greetings Cards at the moment. Check out the animated story of our latest brand by following the link.
15th May 2011

New Suga-Lumps giftbooks to launch on July 7th

We have just recieved the four new Suga-Lumps giftbooks from Random House which launch on 7th`July. Much happiness and dancing at The Backland Studio. Check out the link...
11th May 2011

Give a free Suga-Lump to someone you love

It's a beautiful Tuesday morning the sky is blue, and the daffies are pointing their yellow fizzogs at the rising sun - A great day to let the lovely people in your life know "That In The Big Cookie Of Life They Are The Choccy Chips". This is a free Suga Lump to give someone you love an early morning smile - pass it on.

12th April 2011

Nearly 7,000 followers for Suga-Lumps

Nearly at the 7k followers mark with Suga-Lumps on twitter - building a strong fan base using a freemium business model - never knew giving away free content could be so rewarding and so much fun.
11th April 2011

Become a fan of Suga-Lumps on Facebook

Why not join our Facebook fan page for Suga-Lumps and get a free smile every day.
16th March 2011

Today's Suga-Lumps Tweet

Todays tweet on Suga-Lumps is I Love You More Than Hippy Chicks Love Flowers, why not take a moment to send this to someone you love today - we are all busy business people but the people we love are the reason we leave the house every morning, go on making them smile will make you smile - that's a Suga-Lumps promise.
16th March 2011

Suga-Lumps reaches 6700 followers

Suga-Lumps hits the 6700 followers milestone. A brand perfectly in tune with Social Media is exactly what we set out to achieve!
14th March 2011