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Pass on a Suga-Lump to someone you love

Come on everyone, it's the weekend and time to pass on a lovely Suga-Lump to someone you Love, it will keep them smiling until Sunday night!
12th March 2011

Today's free Suga-Lump

Today's free Suga-Lump to make someone's life a little sweeter. I love you more than Kung Fu Fighters Love say 'Huh' and 'Hah' and waving their arms around
10th March 2011

I Love You More Than...

Yes I know we are all busy, I know we all have a million things to do before 10am, but just stop for a minute and think about someone you love, when was the last time you made them feel special for no reason? Well here's a chance to to do just that - no strings attached, free of charge, no e-mail subscriptions, no salesman will call. just send them a Suga-Lump and make their day a little sweeter - it's a simple and lovely as that. "I love you more than Emo Kids Love Black" - pass this Suga-Lump along to someone you love and make their life a little sweeter today ♥♥♥♥♥♥
9th March 2011

I love You More Than Bruce Willis Loves...

The Most Popular Suga-Lumps posted on Twitter this week I Love You more Than Bruce Willis Loves Making films In A Dirty Vest Why not send one a day to someone you love and make this big old world a sweeter place
8th March 2011

Suga-Lumps coming to a major supermarket soon

Great news for our Suga-Lumps brand as we get listings for cards in one of the big two Supermarkets - can't say which one yet but watch this space for an update.
8th March 2011

Suga-Lumps books now available from Telegraph Bookshop

Our Suga-Lumps books are now available from the Telegraph Bookshop
3rd March 2011

See our most popular Suga-Lumps seller on Zazzle

And our most popular Suga-Lump on Zazzle - "Remember Wine counts As A Serving Of Fruit!"
2nd March 2011

Suga-Lumps fan page passes the 6600 followers mark

Our Suga-Lumps Fan Page has passed the 6600 followers mark today. Nice to see our kooky messages of love and friendship are so popular.
2nd March 2011

Suga-Lumps books now available

The first 4 of our Suga Lumps books which celebrate love (You're A Lovely Valentine because...) and friendship (You're a Lovely Friend Because...) and how great Mums are (You're A Lovely Mum Because...) and Dads ( You're A Great Dad Because...) are available at all good book stores now - Including Amazon, Waterstones, WH Smiths. They are published by Random House and Ebury Press - click here to see sample pages

26th February 2011

Win Suga-Lumps books with Mizz

Great Mizz competition to win our Suga-Lumps books goes live today. Follow the Link
18th February 2011