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Suga-Lumps gift books premiered at Frankfurt

Our Suga-Lumps gift books premiered with Ebury Press /Random House last week at The Frankfurt Book Show Watch this space for news.
13th October 2010

Suga-Lumps books at Frankfurt Book Fair

Suga-Lumps update - Our Suga-Lumps books are at The frankfurt Book Fair this week, with Random House (Ebury) eagerly selling rights across the globe.
8th September 2010

Suga-Lump gift books at Frankfurt

We are preparing here for Random House to take our Suga-Lump gift books to Frankfurt - fingers crossed they go down well and international rights are duly snapped up!
28th August 2010

Over 3250 Twitter followers for Suga-Lumps

Suga-Lumps continues to build twitter followers with innovative content - we have now passed our goal for this week of 3250
21st August 2010

New Suga-Lumps website launches

Our new Suga-Lumps website is now up and running. We now have 3250 followers on Twitter - things are starting to move on this brand. Any gift manufacturers that would like to get on board early to join U K Greetings and Random House - please get in touch.
9th August 2010

Ebury acquires Suga-Lumps series

Ebury has acquired a new line of gift books from Ged Backland, the creative force behind the Groovy Chick and Cool Dude characters.
8th August 2010